French Riviera


Champagne road trip in the south of France has always been on my bucket list. My exploring vacations went really well this summer. And my first time in French Riviera couldn't be better, 

Enjoying boat shows, walks and shopping at La Croisette and an amazing time au Baoli dining spot which turned out to be a pretty good buzzing disco club. 

Hotel Martinez just added glamour to this special holiday! A five-star experience all the way.

Greetings, Bruno


"Today is going to be a great day and you know why? Because Everyday is a great day!"

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"For me is easier to enjoy my meal with great people and in Cannes, I enjoyed great meals all the way. Lovely Annex with a night performance made us laugh and remember this unique place for its exceptional tasty pizza with truffles and my giant octopus. La Mome felt super cosy with comfort food and a great buzz atmosphere. And Baoli is a spot won't forget easily. Having dinner in a luxury nightclub is the place to be! 

love, Bruno