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"Welcome to a city where everything impossible becomes possible"

"Desert changed into the skyline of skyscrapers and concrete jungle nonstop built spot on Earth. Luxury, activities, and future. A city full of innovation, growing businesses, and top hotels or restaurants finally got on my reach. I came with no expectations and no plan, new way of doing my holiday? Definitely no, although Dubai needs no plan to enjoy to full."
Bruno at Burj Al Arab
7-star hotel built on a man-made island became a worldwide statement to recognize Dubai for. Top service, the most spectacular lobby, and room with a feeling of Caesar's palace. Marble, gold finishes, and Swarowski crystals chandeliers. My plan for a day? To wake up with no alarm, breakfast with a sea view, and straight jump to the pool. Gym in the afternoon, swim at the most luxurious spa, evening shopping, and fantastic 6-course dinner. I could live like this forever.