"Welcome to a city where everything impossible becomes possible"

"Desert changed into the skyline of skyscrapers and concrete jungle nonstop built spot on Earth. Luxury, activities, and future. A city full of innovation, growing businesses, and top hotels or restaurants finally got on my reach. I came with no expectations and no plan, new way of doing my holiday? Definitely no, although Dubai needs no plan to enjoy to full."
Bruno at Burj Al Arab
7-star hotel built on a man-made island became a worldwide statement to recognize Dubai for. Top service, the most spectacular lobby, and room with a feeling of Caesar's palace. Marble, gold finishes, and Swarowski crystals chandeliers. My plan for a day? To wake up with no alarm, breakfast with a sea view, and straight jump to the pool. Gym in the afternoon, swim at the most luxurious spa, evening shopping, and fantastic 6-course dinner. I could live like this forever. 
Bruno at Mandarin Oriental
After days well spent at Burj Al Arab, we packed our super full luggage and went to the second stop, Mandarin Oriental at Jumeirah. Never-ending beach with hot sand and pleasant sea temperature. Cocktails all day long, and many pools for swimming to choose from. Cozy rooms with homie feeling, luxurious bathroom with marble and silver finishes. Hop into the free-standing bath and go out to enjoy another Dubai night.