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Desert - Camels - Quads - Caftans 


From the first minute I arrived at the resort, I fell in love with greenery around. Feeling like a paradise, getting up without an alarm clock, strolling along a sidewalk surrounded by palm trees cheerfully strolling to relax by the pool and enjoy a drink while reading a book. Probably the most relaxing holiday. In June.


Africa's busiest square Jemaa el-Fnaamesto featuring snake games or dancing attractions, a popular caftan market and fantastic spices. In 1924, the French painter Jacques Majorelle settled in the suburbs of Marrakesh. He set up a garden next to the house. On every occasion, he brought more and more plants from his travels and gradually managed to get it into such a beautiful shape that in 1947 he opened the garden of Jardin Majorelle to the public. Even today, it can admire about 300 plant species from all five continents among wells, fountains, and lakes.




Laurent museum



One of the most visited place in Morocco. Museum of contemporary art and fashion in Marrakech wrapped in amazing terracotta bricks and hall with the famous logo. Art on the walls and little showroom with history of the designer and philanthropist. Another side with a garden full of greenery and memorial of YSL. 

Quad-bike adrenaline in the middle of the desert wearing camel skin traditional shoes with a jumpsuit. Face covered in dust. Seeing people at the pit-stop relaxing and enjoying shisha. Right after the ride, I jumped on the camel. 


Sleeveless caftan and pashmina scarf I fasten with a knot myself at the desert hotter than hell sitting on the camel. One of the little things I always wanted to do.


Bahia is one of the most beautiful palaces in Marrakech. Surrounded by large gardens, Marrakesh Bou Ahmed, a visually-sighted visitor was built at the end of the 19th century. Therefore, the builder placed great emphasis on privacy and created, for example, a few doors in the Bahia Palace, which prevented unwanted glances inside. This jewel of Moroccan architecture was built for 7 years and its detailed decoration worked hundreds of craftsmen. Today you can admire 150 rooms surrounded by a beautiful garden.


"Wherever I go I want to feel as local"

exploring the market


Michelin star in Marrakech, Le Palace absolutely made my expectations.

As a duck lover, I'm saying "the most amazing duck I've ever eaten". 

Comptoir Darna Marrakech fine "fun" dining with belly dancers and traditional performances with the most amazing food. Three in one. Bar, dining, and shisha. After dinner, we head straight to shisha garden to taste flavors you can taste only in Marrakech. 

As foodie Marocco definitely did not disappoint. 

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