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"Paris is not a city, it's a world"

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"Since when I was a little boy, the city of Paris always fascinated me. When you say Paris I imagine all the cutest corner cafes with fresh croissants and cappuccinos, bakeries and flower stores. Walking around or even biking around the city while seeing the iconic Eiffel tower from each side of this fairytale city. Best shops in the world at Champs Elysees, once in a while say hello to Mona Lisa at Louvre or sip a glass of champagne at Fourseasons hotel. All my dreams about Paris were kept in a secret room in my brain that I was keeping open very very late. However, Paris was one of the most unexpected vacations I didn't know I am heading to. And here I am"

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

If you love to go over the top, go to Four seasons. That is what I say to my friends. Paris is definitely one of the occasions to stay at FS. From the time I was keeping my favourite destination for later, I feel like coming back here very very soon! Do not save destinations in your bucket list for later, simply create new bucket list!