10 Tech to carry while traveling in 2021

As i grow and travel more, I always follow my one own rule when it comes to packing. "Only pack things you use at home". When I see some of my friends packing books especially if they never read them at home it just makes me laugh. It is your luggage, so pack things you will eventually use. Even if you forget anything, you can still buy everything.

Here is the list of 10 necessary things I always find inside my luggage. Click and shop!

10. Apple Airpods Pro

Last one on the list as I do not need to worry that I forget them. Pair of headphones in perfect size with a noise cancelling function. While getting from spot to a spot sitting in taxi or a train this companion is "must have".

9. Universal Plug

Traveling from country to country and suddenly getting surprised that your plug doesn't match with the socket on the wall ? Do not panic. Universal adapter will save your time running around looking for one. I always have one in my luggage just in case.

8. Satelite phone Inmarsat

Depends of destination of course. This phone will get signal from everywhere, underwater, desert, underground or in the air. When I saw it first time in a showroom in Dubai mall I got shocked that something like this exists. I might use it once, you never know.

7. Steamer

Arriving to destination and opening the luggage while staring at creased clothes hanging in front of me is no longer a problem. I hate ironing, but love steaming. This steamer is always a "must have" thing on my travels.

6. Zara Smart Luggage

Travel smart. In times of Nokia 3310 we didn't need to charge for a week. Today we charge everyday, even twice a day. Get luggage with usb port on budget, even from fast fashion retailers.

5. 4K Keychain camera from Akaso

Innovation in vlogging world. This 4K keychain ultra light camera from Akaso will make every travel blogger day easy. Mount everywhere with magnetic body, 6 axis image stabilisation and editing from smart mobile app. And on a budget.

4. USB C hub

Mini aluminium device to port all your usb's memory cards and C cables. Great tech for macbook's to not struggle with data transport.

3. Wireless charge pad by Satechi

Charge your phone, watch, airpods all at once. Magic hub makes like easier.

2. Bang & Olufsen A1

Loud, sexy and waterproof. Crystal clear sound of this speaker simply even brightens the room. Definitely always on the road with me.

1. DJI Osmo 4 Stabiliser

To travel is to make memories. And to capture them. Why spend hours of editing the shaky videos if you can carry the gadget on budget to have cool videos & pics stable af.