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Athena Calderone and her perfect Zara home

Athena Calderone's Brooklyn home is filled with vintage tones and modern artwork, decorative objects and multi-disciplinary designs. Nude and white tones are making her simple home stylish and inspirational space a few of us could find to live in I believe.

“I am always seeking and searching. I am so smitten by the thought that if we remain curious–– if we consistently read recipes, eat the food of chefs we admire, take in art, architecture, color and texture, scroll the Instagram’s of designers that intrigue us–– then we cultivate this state of perpetual inspiration that is just so ripe for creativity.”

Tones of tan and whites are creating perfection of fresh summer home or the space for all the seasons. Cozy and radiant living with perfect Zara home decor you can easily top up your house with.

“My guidelines for a beautiful table. Engage texture and contrast. Bring something in from nature. And always lots of candlelight.”

Calderone wholeheartedly believes that a house should be an intimate portrait of who lives in it. When you open the doors of your home you reveal your privacy, your emotions, and your history.

Calderone believes that in every home should be evoking family moments, travls and special memories to create warmth of a place. I could not disagree with her. From her cookbooks to her exquisite podcasts, this emotion is the signature that accompanies all of her projects - perfect demonstration of how the everyday can be transformed into something unique.

“Design is a delicate dance of balancing both aesthetics and function. You should never rob a functional space of decorative objects.”

"A home holds emotion. I am fascinated by the power of beauty and the memories that are imbued within the things you collect.”

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