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New York City -Autumn Escape

Every traveler has New York on their list. This must-visit destination I have decided to visit in autumn. Landing at almost freezing temperature and straight heading to the black van with all my friends. Before midnight heading from JFK airport to New York seeing a spectacular city view full of buildings touching the universe. Millions of lights and listening to music looking at this view wondering, how is to live in the city which never sleeps.

Dreamy shopping

Movies as The Devil wears Prada or Sex and the city episodes prove that NYC is a dream destination of crazy shopping. Experience at fashion houses is beyond! Heading from Apple store which never close to all designer boutiques with the doormen and people swiping the cards as there is no tomorrow. Movies do not lie.

Central Park

First thing, Central Park. If you are looking for Central Perk from Friends episodes, as I did, hopeless. I took the cycle tour instead. Freezing but fresh autumn air in my face, wearing leather gloves and fur coat sitting at the back seat of the bicycle listening to funny guide guy. Now knowing which celebrity lives in which building, that J.Lo or Sarah Jessica Parker is casually walking in the city or that to get an apartment close to central park cost like a village in Bali.

Cool ice-skating fun, I had to do. Friends fountain, bridge, and Cherry hill, across the lake towers of the San Remo apartments or Bethesda fountain, a spot where you have to make a wish.

Foodie in NYC

My Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner

I simply opened my jeans button and ate it all. Breakfast at amazing Sarabeth's right next to Central Park, following lunch after shopping at Cipriani 5th Avenue, snack after walks in Soho at Black Tap burger ended with a giant milkshake. And fusion dinner at luxury dining place located in Middowntown, Nobu 57. Foodie in New York never stay hungry.

Art in NYC

Crossing the bridge and enjoying walks in Brooklyn, hot chocolate and heading back to Downtown. A city is full of surprises. From a giant Metropolitan Museum of Art where you can see all decades of artists, Moma museum, or interesting Whitney museum in Soho to just street walking exposed young artists in modern showrooms.

Times Square

It cannot be missed! Including eating hot dog after midnight and great show at Broadway


Crossing the bridge and enjoying walks in Brooklyn, hot chocolate and heading back to Downtown. A city full of surprises. Check my NYC gallery in Destinations section!

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