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Burj Al Arab in Dubai - My 7-star luxury hotel experience

Welcome to Burj Al Arab, "Tower of Arabs" is the third tallest hotel in the world with a height of 321m. Comparing to the Eiffel tower (324m tall) and 123m shorter than the Empire State Building. Property sitting on a man-made island took 5 years to build. Saying that this is the only seven-star in the world should offer comfort and services beyond reality. Will this unusual shape architecture reminding of a "ship" meet the expectations of the best hotel in the world? Or is just as fascinating as seeing the Dubai landscape and the sea from each side of this hotel. Let's see.

"I came to Dubai with no plan. Knowing that I and a bunch of friends are staying at the best hotel in the world will definitely include relaxing by the pool, shopping, drinking champagne, fitness, exclusive dinners, and all that on repeat. While others are dreaming of staying at this majestic building it would be a sin to take off for a whole day and walk the city. Swim, chill, and have fun."

SAL beach club

Best cars, hotel pick up at any time, anywhere. Exclusive airport drop-off and extremely

friendly staff accompanying your stay that you feel as at home.

Rolls Royce at Burj Al Arab entrance roundabout - Interior of the RR

Reception and welcome lobby.

"We arrived to the hotel at around 6.30 am. Impressing to see all the florists pulling their trolleys carrying fresh flowers and arranging them into massive vases. Honestly, it felt like the most calming thing to see in the morning. However, there was a chocolate croissant and fresh orange juice on our mind, which we got anyway."

Most beautiful lobby in the world. Eye-catchy, rich and fresh. An open space with a view the rainbow colour of the floors with rooms. An impressive and unique experience.

Two floor room, living space with a dining table, bar, office desk, guest bathroom, and staircase leading to the master bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with a bathtub and shower. All the finishes made of 24-carat gold, from shower mixers to door handles. They have used around 1,700 sqm of gold and 24,000 sqm of marble. Royal blue velvet sofa in the living, master bedroom with the most comfortable mattress for sleeping and the most exclusive duvets in the world. Mirrors above the bed, and a selection of 17 pillows on the menu just in case you don't feel comfortable.

Ultra-luxurious Talise Spa on the 18th floor of the property.

Dubai definitely became one of the fine dining destinations. As "foodie" I can say that dining at Burj Al Arab was one of the best experiences on my list to remember. Loads of truffles, light and flavoury dishes with a hint of crispiness or tenderness, and finishing with the art on plate desserts flushing it with a fresh green tea. All of that cooked by two chefs holding six Michelin stars between them. What can be more exclusive than that?

"Concierge on every floor of the building, room service minimum 4 times a day and not talking about staff experience. Imagine living in a dream where you meet only friendly faces and nobody says "no" to you? Getting any restaurant reservation around Dubai at any time because you coming from Burj? Definitely pack your luggage and take off to Dubai, where everything is simply the best."

Location - Dubai - Burj Al Arab


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All pictures taken by me. Any unauthorised and/or duplication with no permission of Bruno Lacroix is strictly prohibited.

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