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From the mountain to the Sea

From Italy to Thailand.

Best plan to end the year with friends on a ski trip in Italian Madonna di Campiglio and right after a day in winter but sunny cold Milan we hop on a plane straight to Phuket, Thailand.

"Climate change from -2 degrees to +32, from drinking prosecco on slopes to relaxing by the pool with a glass of fresh watermelon juice, from seeing the snow and Christmas lights to enjoying kisses from strong Thai sun and seeing banana trees with hanging monkeys - simply, having the time of my life"

Madonna di Campiglio - Italy

It was always my dream to be at the beach on Xmas. But to be with my family for the nicest time of the year and after catching a flight to Milan and ride to mountains to ski with friends. If you love mountains and sea, one day you definitely have to do it.

Phuket - Thailand

Hop on the plane, stop at Doha airport, quickly take a shower, take the shuffle train to our gate (surprisingly there are the trains connecting gates) and early morning enjoying breakfast aboard from the other side of the globe. One luggage was full of winter clothes and another summer one.

"Beaches, monkeys, heatwaves, spectacular rocks and amazing people make Thailand a happy place"

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