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Holiday away from this planet - Top 10 Destinations to take you away from reality

What a reality. I am always escaping into my own world and dreams during at night or even a day. Especially nowadays we all should take time and think of what to do next. Scroll to see the places which are ideal to be destination to escape the reality.

10. Mauritius

Take a deep breath and welcome to the paradise.

9. Philippines

Most exciting underwater world, giant rocks and monkeys.

8. Seychelles

Land of an animals.

7. Safari - Africa

My way of getting wasted - jeep touring for a whole day wearing nude colour outfit and safari hat, using binoculars to watch groups of animals and be excited to see the sunset with a bunch of friends. One of unique destinations definitely should be on every globe-trotters bucket list.

6. Antarctica

Trip of a lifetime. Could be right spot to freeze up and warm up your heart seeing happy penguins and ice bears. Definitely original destination to create memories and to remember. Nowadays available to get there via plane or a ship from north America.

5. Thailand

Land of monkeys, beautiful flora and happy people. Thailand has many secret islands with white sand beaches creating perfect reality escape. Take a trip from Riley beach around to Phi Phi islands, chicken island, turtle island, monkey island, jump off the boat for a swim to cool off in salty sea.

4. Sahara

Adrenaline jeep tour, camping at night while seeing the stars and during the day walking on hot sand. The biggest desert on earth can be perfect spot to turn off your mind.

3. Tahiti

An island in French Polynesia is complete escape from reality. Crystal clear waters, greenery and sipping cocktails from the pool is all we need right now.

2. Bora Bora

Peaceful and luxurious island in the middle of nowhere. Water villa paradise let you forget the reality.

1. Maldives - Sea and storks

Luxury, Private and unforgettable. My favourite and number one destination of all times. It has always been my dream to visit and since when I visited, it is my dream to come back. Crystal clear sea, romantic sunsets and most peaceful nature on earth. Thousands of islands in Maldives to choose, typical water villas to chill and spend time with your loved one or a group of friends. Best time to visit from November to April.

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