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Maldives - Affordable paradise

Dreaming of fluctuating on a palm tree while listening to ocean and seeing some storks happily walking on the hot sand in front of you ? Go to Maldives. You deserve it. I call it "Destination away from this planet" and it is true. Once you get here you won't go back to reality.

"Snorkelling in the morning, lunch by the pool, running on a thread-mill at the fitness of the resort to not feel guilty before stuffing yourself with a great dinner. Vellassaru is the resort I fell in love with. When I heard that the sea is clearer as the one from the post card i had to see it myself. What do you think?"

Thousands of Maldives islands spread on the Arabian sea. To get on some of them is to hop on a water plane for another three hours or longer. Resort of my last trip was only 30 mins far via speedboat. I was boiling wearing my skinny jeans, during the day is impossible to wear trousers, at night is very comfortable to stay protected from mosquitoes.

Maldives - and Velassaru

Back in the days on highschool I felt like I would never reach to my dreamy destination. Nowadays, many connection flights from Europe thru Dubai, Turkey, Vienna, Frankfurt or London airport can easily gets you here. Do not be afraid of spending thousands, you don't need to if you don't want to. To get here is the priority. On the islands are no shops, no cars, only relax and fun and cocktails by the pool. Mostly.

"Dreaming here and dreaming afterwards. Sitting on a sand chairs with my feet inside sand hole. What can be more romantic than dining under the stars."

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All pictures taken by Bruno Lacroix, Any publishing is prohibited.

Map source - Google

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