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Meet Nastia Pilepchuk - Russian artist creating masks and illusion on her face

32 year old artist playing with make up, masks and objects which "reflect her mood"

“I derive a lot of my inspiration from Frida Kahlo and Björk. They are so unique and special,” Anastasia continues. “Björk is definitely one of my favourite artists and I think she influenced my vision somehow. But in my mask-making I get inspiration from plenty of other things as well: people, nature, cultures, moods. For example, one of my masks is like drops of a waterfall, another one looks like a glacier that I’ve seen in Iceland, and another depicts the mood I had the moment I made it. I never know what the next mask will look like. I just take material, draw on a certain emotion or memory, and work until I realise that it’s finished.”

“Making art was like therapy for me. I was a pretty depressed teenager, so whenever I hit a dark stint, I plugged myself into my imaginary world and started drawing as a form of release.”

All images courtesy of Anastasia Pilepchuk

Source Instagram - @nastia_pilepchuk

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