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My last birthday destination - Maldives

I don't even know how the time gone by so fast but it has been almost one year since when I visited my dream destination. Last year on my birthday I was so happy to celebrate my day on the other side of the globe. Island with walking storks, palm trees, incredibly friendly people and sharks swimming around. From snowy Europe to sunny Maldives.

Holiday to remember for a lifetime.

When you say Maldives I immediately think of the houses built on water. A dream is to stay at fantastic water villa. From terrace seeing nothing but an Indian Ocean, every morning have fresh watermelon juice and only thing to care about is to have strong sunblock.

"Chill, peace in mind, watching animals around and waiting for sunsets, most amazing place to dream with an open eyes!"

Fish loving foodie in Maldives will definitely not be starving. Pastry stuffed with fish called Bahiya, spicy fish cakes Kulhi Borkibaa or fried fish with chilli and garlic Theluli was are one of the local delicious dishes you have to taste while staying on one of 1,200 islands of Maldives.

How to enjoy and remember dinner forever is to be dining at the beach sitting on hand built "sand chairs" right under the stars.

Landscape from the post cards.. Unforgettable experience of nature must be seen with own eyes to believe.

Except chilling all day there's plenty of water activities to enjoy. Adrenaline jet ski rides, standing paddle board, snorkels, amazing diving or to take a cruise around the islands. Simple ways to sparkle your holiday.

If you love sun and the sea you going to be in heaven. This destination make you to forget about the world and stressful reality. Perfect place to focus and get ideas or finding new passions. Place you should visit while on your stay on this planet. Have a great one!

I am so glad I celebrated my birthday here, and I can not wait to think of the destination for the next one! Check out my Maldives gallery

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