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Santorini - TOP 10 Beaches to chill

Welcome to Santorini.

From White beach, beach with beautiful gold sand, fire red beach, light grey to black beach. Santorini as place is so fascinating to have beaches of all kinds. If you beach lover and planning to visit most of them, you the lucky one. Here is Top 10 beaches to sip your champagne while feeling the sand under your feet.

10. Vlychada

Beach surrounded with steep cliffs, covered with grey sand and for many people is the picturesque spot. Incredible views makes this beach one of the best spots on the island.

9. White

Is one of the beaches difficult to get. Best way is to get off the boat and enjoy scenery of rocks and sea or to have private picknic.

8. Monolithos

Another wonderful beach with a soft black sand located in the southeast part of the island. Huge beach amazing to rest, to take amazing pictures and relax away from reality.

7. Eros

Most private, romantic and the coziest spot on the island where you can enjoy the scenery and some private cocktails and cuddling with your love.

6. Cape Columbo

One of the most discreet beaches on the island with majestic landscapes.

5. Caldera

A beach with catchy history. A thousand years ago a crater fell into earth's depth and the sea poured into the crater because of the catastrophic eruption of Santorini Volcano. Gold sand and diamond sea - perfect to chill and have some new insta feed.

4. Kamari beach

Unique landscapes, black sand, natural sunbrella and the rock reminding me of Thailand holidays. One of the most visited beaches on the island. A day to spend here is a must.

3. Ammoudi

A beach located at the north part of the island at the edge of Oia town. If you are lover of a black sand, red rocks and blue sea you definitely have to visit this wonderful beach.

2. Red Beach

I would say it is the most photogenic beach I have ever been to. Red landscape reminding me Petra in Amman creates unforgettable atmosphere. If you have couple of days to spend in Santorini this beach should be on Top 3 list to visit.

1. Perissa - Perivolos

One of the largest and the most crowded beach on the island. Visited by locals and tourist mostly for eye catching black sand, fishing, water activities and with the resort located on the actual beach you can simply wake up seeing Aegean waves.

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