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Tel Aviv - Miami of Middle East, Perfect summer destination

It has been two years since I visited this magical place. So unexpected, almost missing my early morning flight and finally getting to our destination. Golden beaches and warm people, and feeling to go back while I'm still here!

"Miami of Middle East"- Jaffa, magical sandy beaches, harbour, markets, churches and parties.

Cocktails at the beautiful long beaches, being kissed by the hot sun, delicious Israeli cuisine, shopping, and in the evening enjoying shisha with the sand under our feet. The long promenade where people run and cycle, super clean city, and loads of things to do. Hungry to party? Definitely this is the place to get crazy.

Neve Tzedek to explore old Israeli architecture, narrow roads filled with art. Fountain of "Fire and water" was built in 1986 is a masterpiece of an optical illusion and another must-see if the Museum Eretz.

"first time surfers - sea full of waves, fun, falling and laugh. No regrets"

While in Tel Aviv having some spare days in vacation schedule definitely rent a car and get on roads! The best way to do it is to be lucky and have some local friends like I and my buddy did. Amazing time while driving away from the city to countryside full of palm trees and amazing roads to Jerusalem, our next stop. "Must see" place full of heavenly energy and history. Market, the holy wall of wishes and hundreds of praying souls around. Israel feels safe and even on board with Palestine, you do not feel afraid to walk streets even alone.

A couple of hours driving down to the Dead Sea. An experience of a lifetime, floating, and chilling. Hotter than hell, clime around 45 degrees celsius, most salty water in the world.

Israeli food is beyond! Nicely synchronized table set up, all kinds of food in different pots, light Pita and dips, cousin of my favourite tastes!

Israel always in my heart!

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