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Thailand, my first swim of 2020

Fresh January 2020 and I already had my first swim in the sea. The hot sun was kissing my body and the 30-degree water was just an amazing experience. Sipping mojitos at the Catch beach club, exploring towns and enjoying nature. My winter escape to Thai paradise has been an adventure!

"monkeys, rocks, beaches and massages - all I wanted in Thailand"

Phuket was the first stop of our trip. Black tangled cables along the road, people on bikes riding with babies or animals, land of greenery and hidden resorts in the forest that feel a sense of peace and relaxation. The amount of fruit juices I drank by the pool and at the beaches or clubs is countless.

Yesterday running the streets in winter Milan in Italy after a week of fantastic ski tri and New Year eve celebration in the mountains. Today feeling the hot sun on my body and enjoying time in the sea. Is the extreme climate change good? And want to know my experience this time? Check out my Thailand Gallery and a little story to this journey.

Krabi, Phi Phi islands, and cruising around. Thailand we know from the postcards. Crystal clear water with tuk-tuk boats, asymmetric rocks, visiting spots from the movies, island with monkeys and having a dip inside Indian ocean in the middle of nowhere. No better way to enjoy the vacation.

"If you big fan of curries, rice and noodles or sipping fantastic aromatic teas, Thailand is definitely one of the places to give you tastiest experience on Earth"
"This is my new Happy place. From food, people and the weather to incredible massages. I could live like this forever. Cheers to life. I Live as there is no tomorrow".

To see my Thailand Gallery click here.

- All pictures taken by Bruno Lacroix, reproduction and copy strictly on request.

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