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Top 10 Contemporary lamp ideas

Designing your home, library or desk with modern objects, books, art or simple candles is a must. I can not imagine my home with no lighting, here is Top 10 Lamps for modern home. Scroll down to see my taste.

The Lari Lamp 1/10

Mouth blown in one single piece, that are held together by the base, which also supports the electrical system evokes, on a small scale, some suggestions of Angelo Mangiarotti’s previous architecture.


A stylised and retrospective ceramic piece, evoking the cylindrical elements of 1970’s design. The bold scale and mottled glazes of the Marlowe are complimented by its crisp cog wheel finial finished in bright gold leaf.


Mid Century Stilnovo modern design, represents a sleek and classic lighting composition.

Planetaria Table Lamp 4/10

The new Planetaria lights are both geometric and organic. The lights rep-resent an exploration of the globe; one created by folding and rotating three flat circles to create a single sphere, which itself encases a reflective glass orb. The seed pod quality of the design adds an organic influence of Mother Nature to the collection’s geometric form. Dimmable illumination is created by LED lights, which nestle within the metal cage. The light is further enhanced by the additional reflections and refractions that ricochet off the central clear glass orb, illuminating the brass sphere like a ball of fire.

Amelia Emerald Table Lamp 5/10

An instant Class

Raw Alabaster Lamp 6/10

Timeless and organic

Madison Park Signature Fulton Table Lamp 7/10

Plain marble design with gold finishes.

Porta Romana Perfume Bottle Lamp 8/10

Azure, Bay, Charcoal, Forest or Manilla colour variation. Reminiscent of the atomiser on a 50’s perfume bottle it offers a fabulous splash of colour.

Bell Jar Table Lamp 9/10

Glass jar Lamp with gold finishes bring modern design to every space.

Taccia Aluminum Table Lamp 10/10

Using a minimailist approach, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni used perspective to change the way we see everyday objects.

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