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Top 5 Spring Europe destinations

Pack some basic t-shirts, pair of jeans and maybe a trench coat. And hand sanitiser. Spring is here. You deserve a holiday.

5. Amsterdam

The most photogenic city worth capturing a season of blooming flowers while enjoying a spring trip. Get yourself a bike and feel like a local while in Netherland streets. Bridges, city walks and museums, everyone can get a bit of everything. Foodie definitely do not starve in here. Amazing coffee shops to chill, Anne Frank museum or Heineken experience and shopping can be best solution for a perfect weekend gateway.

Average temperature from April-May: 8-12°C

4. Rome

Romantic and unique destination is worth to visit. With summer being one of the peak times consider visiting in spring instead. Trevi fountain take you back to movies, shopping in the best Italian fashion houses and in the evening having a dinner while looking at amazing colosseum. Rome is perfect place to visit in spring time.

Average temperature from April-May: 14-20°C

3. Santorini

This hugely popular destination attracting tourists in thousands due to its scenic cityscape. Visit Santorini in spring bring you great accommodation deals and comfortable temperatures to ease you into summer. Perfect place to relax and chill.

Average temperature from April-May: 17-24°C

2. Vienna

Perfect weekend gateway city where proper shopper, foodie and museum lover will enjoy. Spring temperatures will allow to have nice lunch outside restaurants or to see hundreds of tulips bursting around. Fun at Prater and crazy shopping at Mariahilfe. If you got more days to enjoy definitely get on road trip around city of Prague going down to Vienna, quick stop at Bratislava and head down to Budapest. I definitely recommend.

Average temperature from April-May: 9-15°C

1. Malta

If you looking for vacay by the sea, Maltese islands are great idea to explore this spring. Pleasant temperatures allows you to walk historic cities and do plenty of day activities. Enjoy restaurants full of fresh mediterranean selection of dishes with perfect view seeing a calm sea. Take a boat to explore island of Gozo, Blue Lagoon or have a day spent at Popeye village. Island which make you feel to come back is perfect destination for your pre-summer or summer vacation.

Average temperature from April-May: 20-28°C

Enjoy first swim of the year, explore cities or visit or make new friends!

Hop on a plane and have a great vacation!

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