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Top 5 Things I Always Carry and Can't Live Without

We all have some routine of using things, replacing them or collecting and upgrading. Here is the list of 5 simple things I have always handy.

5. Book

Foresty and woody smelly with hardcover always have been my friend and company. One of the most important things to carry inside my bag and pull out when having a coffee in a favorite cafeteria, summer on the boat or at the beach and in teen times reading on the tram on the way to school. Love reading diaries and biographies or literature for young and adults are my specialties.

4. Concealer

Always with me. Inside my suit at work, another in the bathroom and third in the car. Just in case. I call it "lipstick for men" is a savior. While traveling always be ready to carry more shades, as I love extremes to go from winter straight to summer overnight.

3. Chocolate

All kinds. Literally. Dark, milk, with oranges and raisins or caramel. The favorite one is definitely white chocolate. And the place where I have got the most stock of chocolate at home? My bedside table.

2. Headphones

Two ear buddies who take me out of this world into my secret one. Music is a very personal part of everyone. Every song represents something, an occasion, vacation, relationship, or memory. Headphones always by my side, I can not live without the music. Can you?

1. Notes

Ideas, lists, sketches. My notes are always handy. If I don't have my notepad I simply use my phone notes or in another case any random piece of paper. Most of the time my notes do not make sense, but to write in secret code of my thoughts is my sixth sense.


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