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Welcome to StudioLacroix

"Everyday is a great day" the message I can't stop disseminate.

My web has been ready for months, unpublished. I felt not ready, it was like showing a piece of me to everyone. Or maybe I was just busy traveling.

"Thailand, 9th January and 30 degrees outside. Wake up call at 6.35 to go for a Yoga session at 7 am. So happy to practice it for the very first time. Amazing peace and quiet around, breathing and stretching all my muscles, not thinking of anything or anyone, just breathing. After breakfast relaxing by the pool thinking how far I am. From everything. I felt that now is the time to share my web. Some destinations I've been to, crazy photoshoots or hobbies, projects and art, "does it hurt anyone?" I've asked myself. Finally ready to press the publish button"

Any platform of any kind is an inspiration to me. Instagram, Pinterest, personal blogs, stories, magazines or just walking on the street seeing people, what they wear, how they act or what mood are they in. Making notes of ideas and turning it 360 degrees in my mind, that is my world. To create something different will not make you weird, but unique.


What to find in here?

Destinations - gallery of memories and places I have traveled

Pills - videos and photoshoots, tailored projects

STUDIO X - past photoshoots, fun, creativity

Diary - stories, diaries, fiction

Art&Lifestyle - home design, foodie, art

Hope you have fun browsing my website! Content is better shown on computer devices than mobile versions. Have a great day! More stuff coming soon xxx

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