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Exploring paradise on earth. Islands of rocks, greenery, peace, and calmness. Incredible hot air fulled with happiness and feeling to stay here forever. If there is any place to escape and hide from reality, Thailand is definitely one of my happy secret places.  



The first thing I have noticed is seeing thick wires on the streets. Tens of tangled electric monsters connecting streets impressed me. First days in Phuket was staying at Keemala resort. It was the best choice of accommodation. Literally. Unique "bird egg" villas beyond woods with sharp paths leading to one I was staying at. Want an incredible view you see on Instagram while sitting on the chain in your office dreaming of a vacation in Thailand? Keemala is definitely one of those resorts to give proper Thai experience. Day by the pool is a must. Seeing the scenery, sipping mango juice and having a snack while jacuzzi bubbling my body, get spoilt. Favorite deep tissue massage or midnight dive in a private pool villa and refreshing sunrise yoga session. And the thing I remember the most about this fantastic place is the people. I have never met such a friendly, willing and smiling staff. Every day is a great day here. 

Kimala beach close by full of beach clubs. Drinking champagne, eating sushi and stay in the sea or the pool for a couple of hours while listening to chill step and house music at Catch Beach club or Cafe Del Mar. Or chill at the beach and feel hot sand on under your body. Do not forget sun protection lotion, even if the sun is behind clouds, you can end up in the bed for three days with sunstroke. As me and my friends did. 


be exactly where you wanna be