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"One of the most special places I have ever been to."

When I came to Venice for the first time I was blown away with everything around me. How can people live with no cars was one of many questions whirling in my head. The answer is simple, you get used to it. As to anything. 

Best way to explore is to go on a boat. Hesitating between traditional gondola or a speed boat was quite easy - speed boat. Our captain took us all around the Venice and we really enjoyed it. Freezing cold air right before Christmas made this vacation even more special.

Cipriani Venice

Where there is Cipriani, count me in! This was very special lunch at Cipriani's first restaurant bar ever opened. My favourite veal starter, great cheese, pasta and the tastiest butter on earth! Sipping Bellini and chatting away. That's my idea of ideal lunch in Venice. 

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