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"Life is more beautiful on a snowing day" - do you agree?

After landing in Zurich - Switzerland I was so excited to explore this city. However we stay at the capital only a night, Zurich was a hub to get into our final destination - Verbier (our lovely ski trip)

Symmetric buildings with a background of mountains, river and freezing cold air. To be in the city is rare to breath such a fresh air as in Switzerland. I loved every corner of it. Might've been because of my excitement, company or thought of leaving the next day, I don't know. However I came with no expectation and left with neutral and great feeling. 

Winter, January 5th and cosy dinner place we had found in downtown Zurich was fantastic for the night. Seeing snow from wooden window, having as many starter as we could and we all flushed it with a great red wine. First date with Zurich went quite well - do I pick up when I receive a phone call? Definitely yes!

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